Dear Customer,

In order to monitor your investment at Smartia S.r.l. in the most autonomous way possible, we have developed a private section where you can track a series of information related to your contract with us. You will receive via email a private link (not visible on the site) that will allow you to access by entering the username and password (provided by Smartia S.r.l.), in total autonomy.

Through this link, you will have the possibility to access all the information related to your investment portfolio, including current performances and future projections. Here is what you can find in your Private Area:

- Investment Overview: View all the information related to your investment, such as investment dates, any contributions and/or withdrawals, contracts, etc. (Click Here for a demo)

- Profit Projection: We provide an estimate of the profit accrued up to this moment. Remember that this projection is purely indicative and is based on mathematical models developed by Smartia S.r.l. Therefore, the actual profit may vary based on market trends and other external factors. (Click Here for a demo)

Your trust is our most precious asset, and we constantly strive to provide you with a cutting-edge, safe, and personalized trading service. Our team of experts is always available to assist you at every stage of your investment journey with Smartia S.r.l.

For any questions or needs, do not hesitate to contact our customer support. We are here to help you navigate the world of investments with the highest security and transparency.

Thank you for choosing Smartia S.r.l. as your investment partner.

Cordiali saluti,

Team Smartia S.r.l.