Thanks to the broker we use (eToro), we are now able to invest part of the capital in Smart portfolios automatically managed by artificial intelligence. These portfolios only include traders with a low propensity for risk, consistent profits demonstrated over the years, and losses less than 5%. eToro's special initiative for Diamond members consists of guaranteeing 100% of the capital in case of loss, provided that you stay at least 1 year within the portfolio. However, this does not mean that in case of profit, you cannot liquidate the open positions before the 12 months expire.



This portfolio includes traders based on their Sharpe Ratio, taking into account their risk score and annual profit, and also uses a Copy Stop Loss function to exclude traders who show losses outside the predetermined range.


This portfolio focuses on active traders who present a satisfactory risk/reward ratio.


Using predictive algorithms, this portfolio includes eToro traders who statistically have the highest probability of generating profits in the next quarter. Therefore, it is rebalanced quarterly to ensure adherence to its predetermined strategy.